Show Dates: January 27-February 4, 2017

$3 Weekend Parking with E-Ticket
Purchase plus a Free Shuttle
at South Lake Union

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Parking lots


1. Chandler’s Cove Marina
Entrance on Fairview
(Distance to show = 0 mile)
$12 for 4-6 hours

Pay-to-Park above Chandler's Cove
$2/hour for 2 hour maximum

2. Daniel’s Broiler Restaurant Parking Area
Entrance on Valley Street or Fairview Avenue North
(Distance to show = 0 mile)
$15 for 2-10 hours
$5 evenings/weekends

3. Ocean Alexander Marina Parking
Entrance on Fairview
(Distance to show =.1 mile)
$9 for 2-3 hours; $15 for 10 hours

4. 1111 Fairview Ave North/Yale Ave North at Moss Bay – Diamond Parking Lot
Entrance on Fairview
(Distance to show = .1 mile)
$4 evenings/weekends

5. Fairview Ave North Adjacent to Silver Cloud Hotel – Prime Parking Lot
Entrance on Fairview Ave North
(Distance to show = .3 miles)
$6 for 2-4 hours; $10 for 4-10 hours
$5 evenings/weekends

6. Lake Union Park
Entrance on Valley Rd
(Distance to show = .3 miles)
$1.50/hr, 4 hours max

7. City Parking on Westlake
Beginning at South Lake Union Park and following north towards Fremont
(Distance to show = starts at .2 miles)
$1/hr 9am-4pm weekdays
Free evenings/weekends

For more local parking lots and rates:

Ride the Seattle Streetcar

The Seattle Streetcar stops right in front of the show. Click here for more information.