Show Dates: September 11-15, 2013

Adult Sailing and Docking Lessons

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If you've ever dreamed of sailing off into the sunset, these training courses are the perfect way to get started… and learn essential skills that will last a lifetime. The clinics are ideal for new sailors as well as those who are simply looking for a refresher.

As a part of the Lake Union Boats Afloat Show, Seattle Sailing Club will be offering adult sailing and docking lessons. This is professional quality instruction in fun, accessible packages. You'll be taking lessons on Seattle Sailing Club keelboats at the Boats Afloat Show on Lake Union, where you'll be surrounded by everything a boat show has to offer – incredible boats, the industry's top professionals, and a vibrant scene of boating enthusiasts!

Package 1: Beginning Sailing Lesson

Cost: $50 includes 2 days admission and hands-on sailing lessons
Dates: Sept 16–20, from 10 AM to 1 PM
Course: 1.5 hours classroom and 1.5 hours on-water sailing
Ages: 18+
Registration: Pre-registration required. Limit to 15 people daily.

While three hours is only the very first step in your sailing education, you're going to learn A LOT! Seattle Sailing Club's instructors will be exposing you to the basics of:

Package 2: Sailboat Docking Clinic

Cost: $50 includes 2 days admission and clinic
Dates: Sept 16–20, from 1 PM to 2:30 PM

Returning to the dock is quiet often the hardest part of sailing. Protect your boat and stop the bumps with this 3 hour class focusing on maneuvering and crew work in and out of the slip. Get practice with a 35 foot keelboat in a variety of situations. Includes American Sailing Association docking handbook.

Package 3: Sailboat Anchoring Clinic

Cost: $50 includes 2 days admission and clinic
Dates: Sept 16–20, from 3 PM to 5:30 PM
Registration: Pre-registration required. Limit to 4 people daily.

Take your cruising skills to the next level with this 3 hour class focusing on the finer points of spending time on anchor. Includes a 1 hour shore lesson on the basics of site selection and anchoring setups then out on the water running through various setups, boat handling, and crew coordination.


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Since 1968, Seattle Sailing Club has been the home of fun and affordable sailing on the Puget Sound. Over the years, Seattle Sailing Club has established itself as one of the most active sailing instruction programs in the country. SSC's professional staff of Coast Guard Licensed and American Sailing Association Certified instructors teach over 800 students each year, guaranteeing successful completion of the coursework in a safe, fun, supportive environment.


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