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S3 Maritime is your trusted source for complete yacht Systems, Service, and Support. We install today’s high tech marine products and integrate them into sophisticated yacht systems. Our team consists of a crew that brings broad knowledge and expertise aboard to provide outstanding professional and reliable service to our customers- We service any product, anytime, anywhere and we do it on time, in scope, and within budget. We also provide global, comprehensive support.

We are excited to offer the yachting community service based on dedication, integrity, professionalism, and enthusiasm.

We are located at the Salmon Bay Marine Center in Ballard/Magnolia along the Lake Washington Ship Canal, but our services extend worldwide. Anything. Anytime. Anywhere.


West Coast Insulation provides a comprehensive line of marine insulation solutions for boats and ships. We develop, manufacture, and install custom insulation for heat and fire protection, refrigeration, and sound dampening applications. We can create a permanent or removable insulation solution that meets your specific needs, and install it for you or ship the components to you for installation by other industry professionals or the ship’s crew.

In addition to marine insulation, West Coast Insulation also provides insulation materials, accessories, and components. We offer complete infrared inspection service using thermal imaging technology, insulation consulting services, and full-service waterjet cutting through our subsidiary company, West Coast Waterjet.


West Coast Waterjet is dedicated to providing precision waterjet cutting services. We utilize the latest technology to provide fast, economical waterjet cutting. Everything from stainless steel and titanium plate to diapers and chicken nuggets can be cut efficiently via waterjet technology, making the potential applications for this process ever expanding.

West Coast Waterjet serves the Pacific Northwest and the West Coast, providing contract manufacturing for customers in all areas of industry. Our advanced equipment outperforms the competition, giving us the fastest, most accurate waterjet cutting capabilities in the region. Advanced programming and automated controls make it possible for us to turn even the most complex designs into tangible products.

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